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Herbal Essence Face Cleanser

Herbal Essence Face Cleanser

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Introducing our ENERGY YOGA Herbal Essence Face Cleanser – nature's touch in every wash! Infused with organic botanical extracts, our gentle formula is crafted to cleanse deeply while soothing and nourishing your skin. Harness the power of Gulab ark , tea tree, khas khas,tulsi,haridra,amlaki,yashtimadhu,neem and orange  to detoxify, calm, and hydrate your complexion. It imparts whitening glow, tightens skin,removes tanning and restores fairness and glow.Free from harsh chemicals, it provides optimum nourishment to the skin, anti bacterial, anti oxidant and anti ageing. Suitable for all skin types, and perfect for daily use, this cleanser will leave your skin feeling refreshed, revitalized, and naturally radiant. Embrace the purity of herbal ingredients and transform your skincare routine with ENERGY YOGA Herbal Essence Face Cleanser—where nature meets beauty!

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