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Dhyaan Booti Herbal Medicine

Dhyaan Booti Herbal Medicine

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The root of all diseases is disturbance in the stomach and mental tension. Dhyan Booti balances these two by which one gets physical strength, mental peace and concentration. It  increases memory power of the students. It eliminates various types of diseases, due to which your energy increases and the face starts to glow. It has five components - Brahmi, Hare, Honey, Energized water and Meditation.

Brahmi enhances intelligence and memory power. It is beneficial in epilepsy, breathing diseases, skin diseases, clearing the voice, destruction of gonorrhea etc. It also increases strength and longevity. Provides strength to the Nadi Sansthan, which gives peace and enthusiasm and balance in sexual power.

Hare is a divine medicine which can always be consumed and which is always beneficial like a mother. It is very beneficial in piles, all abdominal diseases, regular bowel cleansing etc. It is very effective in destroying all types of intestinal worms. Harre Rasayan means the one who removes old age and diseases, increases the power of the nervous system and the sense organs.

Honey is light in digestion, digestive fire igniter, enhancer of intelligence and semen enhancer. It destroys blood disorders, weakness, vomiting, breathing problems, hiccups, burning sensation etc. It is the one which opens the channels of the subtle sources of the body and purifies them. When mixed with honey, the medicine spreads easily and rapidly in the body. It increases the potency of the medicine and prolongs its effect.

It is made from water energized by meditation and mantra, which greatly increases its properties. According to modern science, water has memory power by which it absorbs your thoughts.

After taking it close your eyes for 20 minutes, due to which meditation takes place. Meditation is medicine. It produces a positive effect on the mind and body. In scientific studies, it has been found that meditation has an effect at the level of genes. Stress creates disturbance in the rhythm of mind and body. In this stressful world, meditation harmonizes the body and mind and brings stability on an emotional level, which leads to a feeling of deep peace. All the ancient texts like Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Vashishtha and Patanjali Yoga Sutras have told to keep the mind calm and neutral. It has also been said in Shivsutra that as is the mind, so will be the body and senses. The ancient Indian physician Charaka has said that sadness produces disease, grief produces physical weakness and joy produces physical strength.

Air, water, food have become contaminated due to which different types of diseases keep on arising in the body and mind, Dhyana Booti saves you from all these and destroys negative energy and creates positive energy. It is a nutritional yoga supplement.

One solution to all problems - Dhyan Booti  

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