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Natural Dhoop - 3 Packs with 20 sticks in each

Natural Dhoop - 3 Packs with 20 sticks in each

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Every Indian house regardless of any religion incense have a special place in their house.

Nowadays different types of artificial and chemical substances are used in incenses to make it extremely fragrant, which are injurious to health in terms of headache to breathing issues. Keeping these things in mind Energy Yoga Healing Centre has introduced Natural Dhoop with lots of benefits.
Dhoop also known as incense has an important place in Ayurveda. Fire (Agni tatva) increases the properties of herbs many times and releases it in the atmosphere .
Energy Yoga Natural dhoop contains various aromatic ingredients such as Dhuno,Guggul, and Lobhan. These ingredients have been traditionally used in religious ceremonies, meditation practices and for their therapeutic properties in different cultures around the world.
Guggul: Guggul has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries due to its various health benefits. It transmits positive energy, good for insomnia and stress sufferers. It protects against occult practices.
Lobhan (or Loban): Lobhan is another resin commonly used in incense blends. It is derived from the tree species Boswellia serrata, also known as Indian frankincense. Lobhan has a rich, sweet, and slightly floral fragrance. It is often used to create a peaceful ambiance, enhance concentration, and purify the surroundings during rituals and meditation practices. According to a study it develops creativity and attracts love.
Dhuno : Dhuno is commonly used as a base ingredient for making incense sticks or cones. Dhuno has a strong and pleasant fragrance with earthy and woody undertones. It purifies the environment and creates a calm and soothing atmosphere and beneficial in insomnia.
These ingredients are typically mixed with other natural substances such as mango tree wood to create unique and aromatic dhoop blends.A scientist named Trelle of France researched about the Havan (the Havan is mainly done on mango wood). When mango wood is burnt, a gas called formic aldehyde (H-CHO) is produced which kills dangerous viruses and bacteria and purifies the environment. This gas is produced even when jaggery is burnt.Use this ENERGY YOGA NATURAL DHOOP at home, shop,office, puja sthal etc.

Charcoal free herbal product
No artificial fragrance
No bamboo

Package quantity-20
For external use only
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